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Need help transforming your vision into reality? Perlas got you covered! With her deep experiential insight collected through building multi-million dollar startups, this award-winning entrepreneur can help you identify the necessary steps to take your dreams and make them tangible.


There are so many reasons to play it safe and never pursue the things your heart truly desires, but Perla believes that fear never gets you anywhere. With her many successful business endeavors, life-changing experiences, and intentional explorations, Perla shares how she uncovered her true potential while encouraging you to do the same.


Graduating from Texas A&M University with her Bachelors in Communications Sciences and Disorders at the mere age of 20, Perla Tamez is well acquainted with the trials and joys of higher education. With personal stories of her experiences with setbacks and triumphs, she aims to inspire people to transform every challenge into an opportunity for greatness.

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Who is Perla Tamez?

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Perla Tamez is a businesswoman, inspired visionary, and international speaker with a passion for motivating others to discover their true potential.


“YOU know the potential you have, so fish for it and utilize it!!! Only YOU can do that! It’s all in the power of your mind.”

-Perla Tamez


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